5th Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide


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Sugar is the 5th leading cause of death worldwide, it is the #1 reason for obesity and the root cause of various life threatening illnesses, sugar is the world’s best friend and your health worst enemy! Disastrous to live with and impossible to live without, sugar is the cruel master and we are it’s humble slaves! Sugar has caused millions of deaths, known as the ” white death ” sugar is like a ticking time bomb that has the potential to wipe us all into glory!

Sugar / sucrose / glucose / fructose / dextrose are all a product of photosynthesis and occurs in all green plants, sugar cane, sugar beet, sugar maple, honey, sorghum and corn syrup all produce sugar but the main sources of commercial sucrose are sugarcane and sugar beets.

Sugar Cane

Sugar canes are grown in tropical and subtropical regions, they need 7-22 months to mature , grow up to 19 feet tall, and they account for 80 % of the global sugar production and other products such as falernum, molasses, rum, cachaca, bagasse and ethanol. Brazil produces and exports the highest amount of cane sugar worldwide with almost 39 million tonnes per year.

Sugar Beets

Sugar beets has up to 20 % sucrose, they grow in colder temperate regions, and they account for almost 30 % of the global sugar production.Russia is the #1 producer of beet sugar.

  • Sucrose – main component of cane and beet sugar.
  • Lactose – a sugar found in milk.

Glucose – a simple sugar which is an important source of energy in living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates.

Fructose – a naturally occurring sugar especially found in honey, fruits and vegetables.

Dextrose – chemically identical to glucose, it is found in plants, animal tissues and derives from starch. Dextrose is also used medically to increase blood sugar levels.

Nutrients in sugar

Commercial Sugar has no nutrients it is simply a source of high calories and energy that quickly burns out and only leaves your body asking for more.

Health benefits of sugar

Even though we know that sugar is dangerous, it doesn’t mean that we should give it up completely, in fact the human body needs glucose which is the good kind of sugar for energy.

Not all sugar is bad for your health, that said, you need to be aquainted with the different types of sugar to fully understand which is good for you.

Research shows that the most dangerous sugar that you should most definitely stay clear of is Fructose, mainly high fructose corn syrup  (HFCS ) and crystalline fructose, however you can replace your source of fructose by eating fruits and vegetables.

Side effects of sugar

Sugar has the highest source of calories, not only does sugar cause weight gain but it may be the root cause of various life threatening illnesses.

Cancer– According to a new study performed by the university of Texas MD Anderson cancer center, certain foods that are high in Fructose ( high fructose corn syrup ) and sucrose ( sugar made from sugarcane and sugar beets)  causes breast and lung cancer. Read the complete article here

Heart disease – study shows that people who consume 17-21 % of added sugars increases the risk of heart disease or death by cardiovascular disease by 38 %, double that intake amount daily and you have a whooping 76 % Health risk. Soft drinks, cakes, ice cream, cookies, pies and so on are all diets with high calorie added sugars.

Obesity – obesity is now considered a global crisis, the gateway to illnesses, is ranked as the 5th leading cause of death worldwide, nearly 30 % (2 billion) of the world population are either obese or overweight. At least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of obesity which is caused by foods that are high in fat, less or no activity and especially increased amounts of sugar intake.

Type 2 Diabetes – After examining data on 175 countries in the past decade, researchers found that the increase intake of added sugar in soft drinks and processed foods was linked to type 2 diabetes, the study showed that for every 150 calories ( =1 can of soda) of sugar available per person a day, the diabetes rate in the population rose to 1%.

Aging– A study carried out by a PhD professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco revealed that regular consumption of added sugars like sweetened sodas might influence disease development, not only by straining the body’s metabolic control of sugars but also through accelerated cellular aging of tissues.

Other studies shows that sugar ( HFCS ) causes gout, tooth decay, arthritis, liver disease, elevates blood pressure, depletes vitamins and minerals and elevates triglyceride levels.

Facts about sugar

  • 1 12 oz can of coca cola has 10 teaspoon of sugar and is equivalent to 150 calories.
  • Brazil is the world’s largest producer of cane sugar.
  • According to brain scans, sugar is as addictive as cocain.
  • Sugar is the 5th leading cause of death worldwide.

So this article is just the tip of the iceberg, the side effect of added sugar greatly outweighs the health benefits. In my next post I will put together the type of foods that provides a natural source of good sugars that will get you on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

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