About Me

Hello my name is Erika, I am a full time mom, a wife, a blogger and I am 31 years old… naa this is just too generic for me, let’s start over.

I am a stranger, the type you pass by on your way to work, or sit next to at the coffee shop, a simple person just like you.

I have my flaws, my dreams and my goals, an ordinary person that has seen it all… well almost.

I know what it’s like to be stressed and depressed, bruised, misused and abused, been through poverty and royalty, confused and refused, crappy and happy.

My goals; Building a sincere & honest, informative & educative, helpful & resourceful, humorous & inspiring, creative & interesting online environment.

And ofcourse successful.

As the saying goes “when mama’s happy, it’s a happy happy home”!

This might sound silly to you but it is a fact, happy stressed free healthy parents create exceptional homes. When you’re happy, your kids are happy, when you are healthy, your kids follow in your footsteps.

This is what lifestylingspace is all about, speaking from personal experience, I understand exactly what it’s like as a single parent, dealing with responsibilities and stress is a constant hassle that no one person should have to face alone, I want to help other mom’s find success in their daily lives, with healthy nutritional tips, tricks and solutions.

😯😴 why does this feel like an advertisement or newsletter??😕

Sorry, think I got carried away.

Oh and I have 3 girls and a cat called simba..

So enough talk already ,why don’t you just subscribe to my site to receive weekly updates on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Kind regards