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6 Most Healthy Vegetables To Eat


This is a list of the 6 most healthy vegetables you should be eating as often as you can. Raw onions, garlic,broccoli, raw honey, cucumber and lettuce are some of the most healthiest foods with great health benefits.

Raw Onions– contains antioxidants that fight help certain types of lung and prostate cancers, and has loads of other health benefits such as regulating blood sugars, heals infections, improve immunity, reduce inflammation and lowers bad Cholesterol levels. Shallots and yellow onions are known to contain higher healing properties.

Raw beets– are great for boosting the immune system and they contain other properties such as vitamin c , fiber Potassium Manganese and B folate which all help you to obtain health nerves, improves muscle functions, healthy bones, liver and kidney.

Lettuce- contains vitamins such as A& C which are great for the skin and immune system, vitamin k which helps with healthy bones and beta carotene that improves eye health.

Raw garlic- has been known since forever for its healing properties that helps prevent and treat many types of conditions namely bronchitis, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, dysentery,  flatulence, intestinal worms, Diabetes and fevers.To learn more about the complete health benefits of garlic go here.

Raw broccoli sprouts- is one of the best health boosting foods and has a wide range of health benefits ranging from detoxification, inflammation, allergies, facilitating digestion, supporting eye health, repairing damaged skin, reducing blood sugar levels  to preventing thickening of the heart arteries and finally broccoli is known to help fight certain types of cancers.To learn more about the complete heath benefits of raw broccoli go here.

Cucumber- studies suggest that increasing your daily intake of cucumber is vital to your health and is one of the best vegetables widely used to aid weight loss. Cucumbers are known to help decrease the risk of obesity, Diabetes and heart disease, other benefits include great skin, and increases energy levels. 1 cup of sliced cucumber provides: 11% vitamin k, 4% vitamin C , magnesium, Potassium, & Manganese, & 2% vitamin A.

Raw honey– contains antioxidants that helps your body get rid of toxins and has anti inflammatory health benefits. Taking 1-2 teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach helps treat peptic ulcers. Honey is also used to treat sore throat colds and cough. Note: Raw honey contains harmful bacterias that could be dangerous especially in babies less than a year old. Poisonous symptoms include vomiting, nausea and fever.


  • There are 25.000 species of bees worldwide and honey is the only food produced by insects that human eat.
  • According to the Guinness world record the largest onion ever harvested weighed almost 18 pounds.
  • Raw foods contain enzymes that once cooked reduces the health benefits significantly.
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