All coffee contains antioxidants and instant coffee is no exception, consuming the appropriate amount may help improve Attention, Alertness, Physical performance and may also lower the risk of heart diseases.Read More →

Studies show that people with these conditions should not consume green tea as it may interfere with treatments and medications. Regular consumption of green tea is safe however, there are reports that consuming high doses of green tea can cause liver toxicity in some people.Read More →

PLAIN BLACK COFFEE Coffee is prepared from rosted grinded coffee beans, it’s trees generally found in Africa and some islands in southern Asia. There are 50 known species of coffee beans and they all produce different quality of coffee. Coffee is the #2 source of caffeine, the amount of caffeine you can get from a single cup of coffee is up to a 100gms, however, this amount varies due to other factors such as the the type of coffee bean, the roasting procedure and your choice of coffee. Caffeine: I’m sure you know that too much of any this is a mess, well that isRead More →

THE ORIGIN In 1941 Margarita Was Born,  since then it has become one of the most favored drinks of the 20th century,  certainly our lives will never be the same again without it. THE FAME Margaritas became really famous probably because of the many variations but still it’s original recipe is like a fist love. TOP 5 BEST MEXICAN MARGARITAS  #1  VIBE MARGARITA  Ingredients: 2 oz Tequila 2 oz Orange liquor 1 1/2 oz lime juice 1 Tbsp sugar 1 Tbsp “tajin”chilli powder 1 slice watermelon to decorate Directions Crown a stem glass with “tajin” chilli powder. Blend the rest of the ingredients except the watermelonRead More →

This Is A List Of The 7 Most Healthiest Tea To Drink 7 Tea You Must Drink; Next To Coffee, Tea Is The Second Most Consumed Beverages. The Health Benefits Of The Different types Of Tea’s Backed By Countless Research and Studies Are Extremely Impressive. #1 GREEN TEA: ORIGIN; China PLANT; Camellia Sinensis METHOD; Withered, Fixed & Dried RECIPE; 175 Degree Boiled Water, Add Tea & Let Cool For 3 Minutes. CALORIES; 2 kl Per 8 oz Cup CAFFEINE; 25-30 Mg Per 8 oz Cup HEALTH BENEFITS; May Help Prevent Or Lower; High Cholesterol, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer,  Colorectal Cancer, Bladder Cancer..Read Full Research/Study here SIDE EFFECTS;Read More →

  6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA Green tea brought along health and wealth to the people of China, after Shennong who was also a herbalists found it was safe and could be used as a cure to different types of illnesses such as cold, fatigue and upset stomach. Green tea became popular and surrounding nations wanted in on this new found magical brew, so the chinese began trading with the Japanese, Arabs, Portuguese and so forth, but until this day scientist are still trying to understand and tap into the full potential of this wonder herb called green tea. The health benefits of greenRead More →

THE FOUNDER OF TEA In the year of 2737 BC in central China, a Chinese emperor also a scientist and a herbalists name Shennong drank the world first cup of tea. While on a long journey tired from a hard ride, Shennong and his squadron decided to take a break , the cool evening breeze brought along with it the perfect scent of camellia sinesis , as a scientist he suddenly had an idea to add some to a pot of boiled water, he needed to understand and prove the health benefits and side effects of tea, as it turn out he was right becauseRead More →

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