This is a list of the 16 foods that could kill you, as always care is critical while handling and preparing certain types of foods for you and your family. Red kidney beans-contains a toxic substance called phytohaemagglutinin, and should be cooked for at least 20 minutes at 100° f  to be safe. Star fruit– star fruit contains neurotoxin that affect the brain and nerves. Safe consumption limit is around 85 millilitres. Elderberries– if consumed unripe and under cooked could lead to diarrhea and in severe cases may cause seizures. Wild mushrooms– death cap, deadly Web cap,  destroying angels are poisonous mushrooms that if eatenRead More →

THE FOUNDER OF TEA In the year of 2737 BC in central China, a Chinese emperor also a scientist and a herbalists name Shennong drank the world first cup of tea. While on a long journey tired from a hard ride, Shennong and his squadron decided to take a break , the cool evening breeze brought along with it the perfect scent of camellia sinesis , as a scientist he suddenly had an idea to add some to a pot of boiled water, he needed to understand and prove the health benefits and side effects of tea, as it turn out he was right becauseRead More →