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Health Benefits Of Goat Milk

Health Benefits Of Goat Milk

Raw Goat milk has allot to offer even more than cow milk, in fact according to the journal of American medicine raw goat milk is the healthiest of all. Goat milk is easy on the stomach and contains less lactose therefore people that are lactose intolerant can consume goat milk without experiencing unwanted side effects.

Multiple studies shows that drinking Unpasteurized goat milk has far more health benefits than pasteurized milk based on a fact that the pasteurization process alters some of the proteins within the milk.

Goat milk is rich in protein and calcium but high in fat, a single cup contains 168 calories, so if you want to lose weight than try  drinking less amounts.

Nutrition values of raw goat milk 8 1\2 fl oz (244 g) cup.

  • Calcium- 33%
  • Potassium- 498 mg
  • Protein- 8.7 g
  • Fat- 10.1 g ( bad)
  • Calories- 168
  • Phosphorus – 271 mg
  • Vitamin  A – 10%
  • Iron- 1%
  • Vitamin C – 5%
  • Sugars – 10.9 g ( bad)
  • Carbs – 10.9 g
  • Sodium- 122 mg
  • Cholesterol – 27 mg
  • Vitamin  D – 124 units

Health benefits of raw goat milk

Goat milk contains all of the nutrients that the human body needs, also known as “the complete food” it is digested faster than cow milk and it helps prevent and protect your body against inflammation.

Goat milk contains high amounts of fatty acids, is very rich in calcium and aids in boosting your immune system.

Consuming fresh goat milk is a natural way to treat bone degeneration, Helps with great skin, teeth and stronger hair due to its high level of calcium.

Goat milk does not for mucous which makes it better for people that suffer from asthma and allergies.

Goat milk has higher amounts of short chain and medium chain fatty acids, making the fat easier to digest.

Contains probiotics that help populate good bacteria and prevent bad bacteria from forming.

Side effects of raw goat milk

Unpasteurized goat milk like every other freshly produced raw mammal milk has the potential of carrying harmful bacterias such as Brucella, Campylobacter, Listeria, Salmonella, Norovirus and E coli.

The risk of getting infected from drinking raw milk is moderately high and the side effects could range from mild to severe, symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, kidney failure, paralysis, chronic disorders and even death.

Should you drink raw milk?

According to this study the pasteurization process may inactivate enzymes and few of the nuetrients such as Manganese, copper, iron and calcium in the milk are reduced but not significantly, almost all of the nutritional benefits remain the same, so you must consider the harmful effects that comes along with drinking raw milk before you drink that next cup!


  • It is estimated that 65% of the global milk consumption is goat milk.
  • Yearly global goat milk production is 15, 510.411 tonnes.
  • Major goat milk producers are India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • Goat milk soap has been found to be an effective treatment for acne, reduces wrinkles, signs of aging and soothes dry and damaged skin.
  • Goats have excellent coordination, they have great balance and are able to survive in harsh areas such as steep mountains, they can climb trees and some species can even jump up to 5 feet.

Well that’s it for me today guys, I hope you liked this post and happy goat milk drinking cheeeeerrrrssss!!

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