This is a list of the 16 foods that could kill you, as always care is critical while handling and preparing certain types of foods for you and your family. Red kidney beans-contains a toxic substance called phytohaemagglutinin, and should be cooked for at least 20 minutes at 100° f  to be safe. Star fruit– star fruit contains neurotoxin that affect the brain and nerves. Safe consumption limit is around 85 millilitres. Elderberries– if consumed unripe and under cooked could lead to diarrhea and in severe cases may cause seizures. Wild mushrooms– death cap, deadly Web cap,  destroying angels are poisonous mushrooms that if eatenRead More →

  Soybeans Soybeans/ Soya beans is a variety of the Leguminosae plant also known as legumes. Legumes are cheap, they grow really fast and consist of over 18.000 different species. Beans, peanuts, cow peas,  red clover, fava beans etc are all types of the legume family and they are a rich source of fiber and protein. Soybean is used in a huge variety of processed foods, graphic items and beauty products. Other renowned produce of soybean includes soy meal, soy flour, tofu, miso and tempeh. Soybean is rich in fiber and contains over 8 essential types of amino acids that our bodies need to beRead More →

New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplant From Any Donor    In a new study published in the England journal of medicine, doctors have found a new procedure that allows kidney transplant from any donor possible by successfully altering a patients immune system which allows them to except kidneys from incompatible donors. New Method A method called desensitisation, “has the potential to save many lives” says Doctor Jeffrey Berns, a kidney specialist at the University of Pennsylvina’s Perelman school of medicine and the President of the National kidney Foundation.Read the full article here It is possible for your body to go without food for weeks but certainlyRead More →

Milk and civilization Milk is as old as civilization, religious text, poets and history all refer to milk as being an important substance for survival, even now in 2016 milk is referred to as “white gold”. In fact the global dairy industry is worth 364 billion dollars today, with yearly global production rate of 800 million tonnes and 600 million tonnes consumption rate. So read on to discover the health benefits of milk! Milk is a very healthy beverage, and it should be included in your diet.There are many varieties of dairy products used to incorporate milk into our daily lives such as; yogurt, cream,Read More →

PLAIN BLACK COFFEE Coffee is prepared from rosted grinded coffee beans, it’s trees generally found in Africa and some islands in southern Asia. There are 50 known species of coffee beans and they all produce different quality of coffee. Coffee is the #2 source of caffeine, the amount of caffeine you can get from a single cup of coffee is up to a 100gms, however, this amount varies due to other factors such as the the type of coffee bean, the roasting procedure and your choice of coffee. Caffeine: I’m sure you know that too much of any this is a mess, well that isRead More →

THE ORIGIN In 1941 Margarita Was Born,  since then it has become one of the most favored drinks of the 20th century,  certainly our lives will never be the same again without it. THE FAME Margaritas became really famous probably because of the many variations but still it’s original recipe is like a fist love. TOP 5 BEST MEXICAN MARGARITAS  #1  VIBE MARGARITA  Ingredients: 2 oz Tequila 2 oz Orange liquor 1 1/2 oz lime juice 1 Tbsp sugar 1 Tbsp “tajin”chilli powder 1 slice watermelon to decorate Directions Crown a stem glass with “tajin” chilli powder. Blend the rest of the ingredients except the watermelonRead More →

This Is A List Of The 7 Most Healthiest Tea To Drink 7 Tea You Must Drink; Next To Coffee, Tea Is The Second Most Consumed Beverages. The Health Benefits Of The Different types Of Tea’s Backed By Countless Research and Studies Are Extremely Impressive. #1 GREEN TEA: ORIGIN; China PLANT; Camellia Sinensis METHOD; Withered, Fixed & Dried RECIPE; 175 Degree Boiled Water, Add Tea & Let Cool For 3 Minutes. CALORIES; 2 kl Per 8 oz Cup CAFFEINE; 25-30 Mg Per 8 oz Cup HEALTH BENEFITS; May Help Prevent Or Lower; High Cholesterol, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer,  Colorectal Cancer, Bladder Cancer..Read Full Research/Study here SIDE EFFECTS;Read More →

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