6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA Green tea brought along health and wealth to the people of China, after Shennong who was also a herbalists found it was safe and could be used as a cure to different types of illnesses such as cold, fatigue and upset stomach. Green tea became popular and surrounding nations wanted in on this new found magical brew, so the chinese began trading with the Japanese, Arabs, Portuguese and so forth, but until this day scientist are still trying to understand and tap into the full potential of this wonder herb called green tea. The health benefits of greenRead More →

12 REASONS WHY WATER IS IMPORTANT We were told by our parents to drink allot of water, while never really understanding the importance. For some of us, we got rid of that habit long ago! You see, growing up, I never really liked the taste of water, I still don’t, but I drink it anyway, and you should too, cause here’s why…. #1.WATER REDUCES THE RISK OF CANCER Research has shown that water reduces the risk of colon cancer by 45% and also helps clear out urinary tract infections. #2.WATER MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK GREAT Less intake of water causes dehydration which results in dry skin.Read More →

THE FOUNDER OF TEA In the year of 2737 BC in central China, a Chinese emperor also a scientist and a herbalists name Shennong drank the world first cup of tea. While on a long journey tired from a hard ride, Shennong and his squadron decided to take a break , the cool evening breeze brought along with it the perfect scent of camellia sinesis , as a scientist he suddenly had an idea to add some to a pot of boiled water, he needed to understand and prove the health benefits and side effects of tea, as it turn out he was right becauseRead More →

BIRTH OF THE MARGARITA COCKTAIL  Hussong Cantina 1941 Ensenada Mexico BIRTH OF THE MARGARITA COCKTAIL Once upon a time, in a land so far away, a star was born. On a sunny afternoon, a local bartender name Don Carlos Orozco was going about his normal duties when all of a sudden he looked up to see an angel walk towards him, his whole world came to a halt, it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen! Don Carlos instantly fell in love! Sadly, his dreams were quickly shattered when he found out that not only was his angel married, but she was Margarita HenkelRead More →

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