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Eight Super Fruits Worth Eating

Eight Super Fruits Worth Eating Do you know that fruits can be very beneficial to your health in so many different ways? Well today we are going to be discussing eight super fruits worth eating and how you can start adding them to your meals. Each year, a new power fruit makes its way into the mainstream media, we get…

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Digest It Colon Cleanse Review

 Digest It Colon Cleanse Review Digest It colon cleanse is an all natural colon cleansing product that is made of cascara sagrada, turkey rhubarb, bentonite clay, slippery elm, aloe, flax seeds, senna, worm seed, black seeds, olive leaf extract, thyme oil powder, garlic extract, organic clove, and peppermint.The manufacturer’s main goal for this product is to help people relieve intermittent…

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Health Benefits Of Honey During Pregnancy

Health Benefits Of Honey During Pregnancy Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling in the world to be carrying a tiny little person inside of you? You always want to be on the safe side when expecting, knowing the Health Benefits Of Honey During Pregnancy and taking all the right precautions is the only way to ensure the birth of a…

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Acne Scars Images

Acne Scars Images Browse through our carefully selected before and after acne scars images from around the web, to find out the treatments used to clear out these scars, click on the image to take you back to its source. Mild To Moderate Acne Scars Images The source of this image claims that by using Aloe Vera, you can successfully decrease…

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Green Tea Side Effects

Erika / September 8, 2016

Studies show that people with these conditions should not consume green tea as it may interfere with treatments and medications. Regular consumption of green tea is safe however, there are reports that consuming high doses of green tea can cause liver toxicity in some people.