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Which Vegetables Are High In Carbs And Sugar?


The main function of carbs is to provide energy, but they also play an important role in the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs. Research shows that people who eat more carbs are less likely to accumulate body fat than those who follow a low carbs/ high fat diet. In this post, we will be covering which vegetables are high in carbs and sugar, so read on!


Now you might be thinking sugar?  Well don’t worry its not the white kind that we are all used to, it’s the one found in fruits and vegetables, which is the healthy type. Sugar broken down from carbohydrates is one of the body’s most important fuels and preferably the best option for your organs, tissues, brain and muscles. Eating a well balanced diet which contains fruits and vegetables will help you kick obesity and live a healthier life.

Which vegetables are high in carbs and sugar?

S.No Size Description Carbs Sugar
1 100 g Soybean 30 g 7 g
2 1 pc Eggplant 29 g 16 g
3 1pc Sweet Potato 26 g 52 g
4 100 g Parsnip 18 g 4.8 g
5 100 g Sunchokes 17 g 10 g
6 100 g Green peas 14 g 6 g
7 100 g Leek 14 g 3.9 g
8 1pc Cucumber 11 g 5 g
9 100 g Beetroot 10 g 7 g

Facts about carbs and sugar

  • Vegetables containing carbs and sugar are easily digestible.
  • Cutting back on sugar may help your skin retain its flexibility.
  • Sugars are the building blocks of carbohydrates, the most abundant type of organic molecules in living things.
  • Heinz ketchup contains 1 teaspoon of sugar in each 1 tablespoon serving.
  • Sugar and alcohol have similar toxic liver effects. Additionally, liver damage can occur even without excess calories or weight gain.
  • Too much sugar can increase the overall risk for heart disease. In fact, sugar actually changes the muscle protein of the heart as well as the pumping mechanics of the heart.



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