Which Vegetables Are High In Protein?

What are proteins and why do we need them?

Did you know that your hair, nails and skin are made of protein? Proteins are essential for our cells, for growth,strengthening our bones and they also help make tissues and cells in our body. In this post we will be covering which vegetables are high in protein.

There are many types of protein, Enzymes, Antibodies, DNA,Contractile protein, Structural protein, Hormone protein and Transport protein all serve important roles in our growth, developement and everyday functioning.

Which Vegetables Are High In Protein?

S.No Size Description
1 100 g Pinto beans 21 g
2 100 g Black turtle beans 21 g
3 100 g Adzuki beans 20 g
4 100 g Wheat 14 g
5 100 g Barley 12 g
6 100 g Navy bean sprout 6 g
7 100 g Corn 9 g
8 100 g Garlic 6 g
9 100 g Greenpeas 5 g
10 1pc Eggplant 4.5 g
12 100 g Kale 4.5 g
13 100 g Alfalfa beans 4 g

Symptoms of too much protein in your diet.

  • Weight gain
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Kidney disease
  • Constipation
  • Increase in live enzymes
  • Low calcium
  • Cancer
  • Reduced ketosis
  • Gout

Daily protein requirments

It is advisable that you do not exceed you daily recommended protein requirments which is between 50-75 grams per day.

S.No Size Protein
1 100 Pounds 35 g
2 120 Pounds 42 g
3 160 Pounds 56 g
4 200 Pounds 70 g

Facts about protein

  • Protein is essential for life, it is crucial to all cells in the body playing a key role as enzymes in a cell. After water, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body.
  • Proteins grow, maintain, and replace the tissues in our bodies. Therefore our muscles, organs, and immune systems are mostly made of protein.
  • Taking on too much protein can be dangerous to the body, it is a strain on the liver and kidneys causing ┬áthem to work extra hard to get rid of the extra protein.
  • Proteins in some food can cause allergies as the structure of a protein can cause a reaction in the immune system. A lot of people are allergic to gluten for example, which is a protein in wheat and grains.